Something about us

We can offer quality work force from Czech republic and Slovakia. These people are professionals in their field and due to lack of well paid work opportunities in their countries they are willing to travel for both shorter and longer periods of time into your country. They can work unsupervised. We are sending profile form with photo, skills and abilities of every worker, so you will find out anything you need to know.

What can we offer?

In our offer you will find various trained professionals such as :




Steel construction - fitter

Construction worker

We guarantee:

Qualified professionals according to EU standards

Quick replacement in case of discontent

Professional attitude



1. Contact

You can contact us via email, phone, or our contact form. On our contact page, there are phone numbers and contact persons with relevant languages. Please don`t hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas, we are looking forward to discuss anything that comes in your mind!

2. Meeting

After contacting us, we can arrange personal meeting at your place or just phone call, skype call, any way that suits your needs.

3. Contract

If we come to final agreement we will send you contract in German/English language which is following the law in your country. Together with contract signing we will require deposit equal to 5 day pay for every worker we provide for you.

4. Satisfaction

In case of your dissatisfaction with any our employee, please tell us and we will arange change him for different one in 5 days period